Does Octoprint benefit from extra CPU

Printer: Ender 3 Pro

I'm looking to host Octoprint, but don't have a pi handy. I do have a 1.4ghz celeron though.

Would Octoprint benefit from the extra CPU or does a B+ not break a sweat?

B+ works great even with a local monitor and keyboard. Thing that sucks cpu is if you use the GUI locally on the pi like I do and when you stream the webcam. Octoprint to printer is a serial connection sending plain text.. not much cpu needed for that.

Thank you for the informative reply.

Does that imply that streaming the webcam can be unsafe? Particularly if Klipper is being used on the same pi?

No idea, all I am saying is when I monitored my Pi with Nmon, the big CPU users were the local GUI and the web cam .
Never ever have I had a print pause since I have been using the pi with octoprint but would happen all the time using windows 10 laptop with 16 Gig of ram and a dual core Intel CPU

That's useful, thanks.

Are pauses during the print process print ruining?

I will say that bringing up a browser remotely will peg one of the cores at 100% for two to three minutes.

Two to three minutes? That ain't normal. Usually stuff is cached on the server too and bringing up stuff in a browser won't have any noticeable impact.

My rig is boxed up at the moment for the upcoming move but I can do some more profiling later if you'd like.