Does octoprint have a lightweight addon of sorts for hdmi out?


Using latest octoprint, but i want to display it's web interface on a monitor that i have hooked up to it with keyboard/mouse interaction. Possibly a split monitor where it displays octoprint in 4:5 ration and the terminal next to it. Is this possible?


You can run a browser on startup as in kiosk mode and have it automatically load the web interface of octoprint, but I don't know if you'd be able to do some form of dual monitors with both a small and large screen.


You could hook up two monitors (one HDMI, one from the ribbon cable) and have different outputs on them.


Alrighty? How do I install this kiosk browser? Amd what's the command to load it manually on startup?


I cheat and keep a pc connected to the network with 2 monitors with multiple inputs

Typically the monitors are displaying the OctoPrint web interface for each printer, but I can also use the remote for the monitors (they're actually smart tv's but, who watches tv anymore ?) to switch to the hdmi of the pi to use the cli, which I rarely need


There's many examples on the web. One is documented on the touchui wiki.


It is a desktop.. reduce your browser and you can have both browser and terminal session on the same screen.. Unless you are asking about something I am not understanding..