Does OctoPrint support Longer LK4 Printers

Can I use a Longer LK4 Printer with OctoPrint?


At least one user has done this. Search for octoprint in those reviews.

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I really couldn't find anything on that link that helped. I think it connects to /dev/tty/USB0 at 115200 (or at least when I put it on auto it did that.

Says it is connected and operational, tried to load some STL files, and I get a "Slicing disabled = currently printing or no model loaded." Not printing currently and I loaded the STL files.

The OctoPi-imaged version of OctoPrint doesn't (now) include the CuraEngine plugin. So the expected workflow would be to slice in the stand-alone version of Cura and then to upload the gcode file to OctoPrint.

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Thanks, that worked perfectly.

Also, I got the printer to talk to OctoPrint using Ender 3 as the printer.

I have a Longer LK4, it works OK with octoprint, but the printer does have a few issues.

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