Does Octoprint work with the Pulse XE Printer

Hi, I'm looking at the Pulse XE printer and was wondering if Octoprint is compatible. I tried to search but wasn't sure how to word it because I didn't get any results. Thanks for the help, Nick

Based on the MatterHacker mostly marketing literature, the printer comes with an Ultimachine RAMBo Mini Board is used by a lot of printers compatible with OctoPrint. I would guess it is loaded with some flavor of Marlin firmware.

You could ask MatterHackers if their printer would be compatible with OctoPrint. If they claim they don't know what OctoPrint is, then ask them if the connection is via a USB port and what version of firmware is installed in the printer.

I just installed and setup OctoPrint to be used with my Pulse XE D-124. I'm able to successfully connect the printer and control X,Y,Z, bed heater, hot-end and the fans. However, I'm having no luck with the extruder and loading filament.

Any ideas on where to go from here? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Sleeper217 !

Have you heated up the extruder before loading the filament?

Yes. I heated the hot-end up to its normal temperature for the type of filament prior to attempting to loading. When trying to extrude/load from the tool tab it's as if the printer doesn't receive the command at all. The Bondtech extruder doesn't even attempt it.

If you try and extrude/load, and then switch to the terminal straight away, is there any feedback from the printer on the serial connection? Alternatively, enable serial.log in the settings, reproduce the issue and then upload the log file and we will check it.

Thank you for the tip. I'll give that a try and follow up.

Thanks again.

Thank you everyone for your input. After some standard troubleshooting and discovery of the ID10T error in the terminal log I was able to successfully load and print a test calibration print.

Thanks again!

@sleeper217, thanks for the helpful information. Could you please provide some more details/recommendation on Octoprint and the Pulse XE. I am semi-familiar with Octoprint (use it for LulzBots but not for any of my other printers) and I am looking at replacing all of my MakerBots with Pulse's so I may need to fully embrace Octoprint.

Things like options you have on your Pulse, what was the error you were having, what Pi you are using, etc., would be helpful. Thanks in advance.