Does Prusa i3Mk3 send any info about feed rate?

I have Prusa i3Mk3 connected to RPi. The printing is started from the printer itself(not from octoprint). Is there any way to display feed rate(It is usually set by knob on the printer itself, not in octoprint).
What did you already try to solve it?
Tried to display it using DisplayLayerProgress plugin, but it shows this: image
(used this command speed [feedrate] %)
Additional information about your setup 1.4.0, 0.17, Prusa I3Mk3, 3.8.1 Prusa(based on Marlin), Chrome, Windows 10

No. Feed rate, flow rate, fan speed, selected tool and a bunch of other things I can't recall from the top of my head right now are "write only" settings in all firmware variants that I'm aware of. OctoPrint can modify them over serial, but there's no way to read them out again.

Hi @rktech, @foosel
hmmm..DLP did not read the current values from the printers-firmware!

It analyse the gcode during print. So, if your gcode includes the following example lines, then these values will be displayed (if not, then you are using an sd-card or DLP has a bug!).

G0 F200 ;Feedrate
G1 F1200 ;Feedrate
M106 S255
M107 ; turn off fan