Don't find "System" tab on octoprint server

Hi everyone,
I would like to add to my printers a remote control for lights with a multichannel relay. I configured all pretty good but I don't find on Octoprint server the system tab where I actually put the commands for turning on/off the lights. I have few tab but not System, as you can see from the screenshot I made (up-right corner).

I edited the octoprint/config.yaml adding

and then the commands for turning on/off lights

but I still don't find it on the server. I upload also this file here. config.yaml (1.7 KB)

It doesn't look like the documentation suggests. Look which line gets the hyphen in the documentation and compare it with yours.

  - action: lamp on
    command: gpio -g write 3 0
    name: Turn on the lamp
  - action: lamp off
    command: gpio -g write 3 1
    name: Turn off the lamp