Download corrupted?

Anyone able to download the current version off the page, and verify that the image is not corrupted. Just downloaded on 2 different systems here at the house, and neither one works to mount, get the "Disc image file is corrupted" error.


See my questions to you in

You are not supposed to mount the image, you need to flash it to an SD card. Everything is explained in the installation instructions on, just follow those.

To verify that your download is fine, check the provided checksum.

Yes, tho months later from yours, on 10/15/2019 i'm having same issue. 2 downloads yesterday & 2 today, Etcher verified as corrupted images. :frowning: On #3 now. it just finished.

I have one from 10/3 listed as 79.7 mb

the todays ones are listed as 589.7 mb

I guess I cleaned up the ones from yesterday.

This is very frustrating, using https:// downloads... I know tight application management equals better happy users. Better monitization.

Could it be possible to allow it on a few "torrent" servers. I could go to github. It's just a PIA.
In My Humble Opinion & Observations.

If you're having download problems, I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but the octoprint server ain't one.

Better monitization.


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FOV, don't we all! I finally got a good copy downloaded today. Have my A+'s running on my Monoprice Mini v.1 and my Ender3. Neither seems to complain about the "less ram". They have their quad cores sleeping most of the time. I have a 32gb msd. I'm well, almost happy now. I've found the A+ cases on Thingiverse to be lacking. I do have a T square, & I can read 3 view drawings. Now I have to build it better. I no longer use my Leroy Lettering Device. GIMP works just fine. :slight_smile: I started computing (with cards) on a DEC PDP 11. LOL