Download may be corrupted?

i have tried 3 imagers, win32, raspberry pi imager, and etcher....all 3 make the sd card corrupted and disapear...i am able to repair through win 10 but i have not been able to get octopi imaged to an sd card (16 and 32gb) please help

By default, Raspberry Pi images are not readable by OctoPrint Windows. You should be able to see the boot partition, that has the network configuration. This is very small, and it does not show the full files on the card.

Please describe with some more details the problems you are having. Things like: does the flash say successful? Does the image boot on the Pi?

As it points out in the guide at, don't format the card when windows asks you to, since that will break the install - it is not broken, just windows can't read it.

I think you meant

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I did... sighs

Hey thanks for answering @charlie_powell it reads somethings in the SD slot but asks to insert an SD if it no longer exists (I was able to fix due to help on another page and the disks are recovered). Now nothing is on the SD card still...happened with 32gb and a 16gb

This is what I was trying to say - Windows can't read the card by default. When you flash it using Raspberry Pi Imager (I have found this most reliable), then put it in the Pi it should boot, but you will not be able to read the filesystem on windows usually.

You can also try the standard Raspberry Pi OS images too to test that the SD card is not broken.