Dual Cameras used for different functions

I am trying to see if it is at all possible to use dual cameras on raspberry camera and the other a nikon. the raspberry one i would like to use for live view and the nikon used for taking photos, both at the same time.

is this possible if so how?

Camera model nikon d3200

What is the problem?

i am a beginner.

Octopi version 0.17.0

I'm pretty sure that OctoLapse supports DSLR type cameras. You'd need the proper cabling of course. My own Nikon D3200 has an MC-DC2 type connector for a remote shutter. If you can get the cable for that, you can remotely trigger a photo. I'm guessing that you can also trigger it using the standard USB cable by tethering it but I haven't done so. If you're a hobbyist you might be able to hack the ML-L3 wireless remote or to get the WU-1a to bring up a hotspot and then connect something to that perhaps.

I might suggest making a dedicated webcam server out of a Raspberry Pi Zero W as described here. You can then offload some of the work to another Pi.

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