Dual Extruders Cura prints a separate objects

I used Cura to slice. This is for dual extruder. In Cura Preview everything looks fine. When I try printing it with OctoPi. One extruder heats up, 204C, then prints most of the skirt, then pause. Extruder 1 temp drops ~186c. Extruder 2 heats up 204c then extruder two prints next too where the skirt was printed. Extruder 2 should print after Ext 1prints. simple keychain, extruder 1 prints base then different color prints on top of base. In Octopi GCode Viewer it shows it printing side by side.
No idea why it looks good in Cura then changes in Octopi. I can put in more gcode if needed

;Filament used: 1.61687m, 0.261423m
;Layer height: 0.2
;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.6.0
M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
M104 S150
M190 S60
G28 ;Home
G92 E0
M109 S204
G92 E0
G92 E0
G1 F1500 E-1
M104 T1 S175
G0 F2100 X130.778 Y107.77 Z0.2
G1 F1500 E0
G1 F2100 X131.241 Y107.809 E0.01159
G1 X131.76 Y107.887 E0.02468
G1 X132.303 Y108.008 E0.03856
G1 X132.8 Y108.154 E0.05148
G1 X133.415 Y108.387 E0.06789
G1 X133.996 Y108.662 E0.08392
G1 X134.598 Y109.014 E0.10132
G1 X135.067 Y109.341 E0.11558
G1 X135.6 Y109.78 E0.1328
G1 X136.051 Y110.218 E0.14849
G1 X136.484 Y110.717 E0.16497
G1 X136.828 Y111.182 E0.1794
G1 X137.227 Y111.826 E0.19829
G1 X137.501 Y112.37 E0.21349
G1 X137.761 Y113.014 E0.23081
G1 X137.944 Y113.606 E0.24627
G1 X138.087 Y114.243 E0.26256
G1 X138.174 Y114.858 E0.27805
G1 X138.193 Y115.152 E0.2854
G1 X138.223 Y116.603 E0.3216
G1 X138.224 Y116.669 E0.32325
G1 X138.224 Y187.645 E2.09375
G1 X138.223 Y189.914 E2.15035
G1 X138.223 Y189.961 E2.15152
G1 X138.207 Y191.035 E2.17832
G1 X138.166 Y191.788 E2.19713
G1 X138.116 Y192.295 E2.20984
G1 X138.026 Y192.916 E2.22549
G1 X137.954 Y193.298 E2.23519
G1 X137.743 Y194.218 E2.25873
G1 X137.516 Y194.989 E2.27878
G1 X137.352 Y195.467 E2.29139
G1 X137.089 Y196.118 E2.3089
G1 X136.684 Y196.986 E2.3328
G1 X136.45 Y197.417 E2.34503
G1 X136.102 Y198.002 E2.36201
G1 X135.753 Y198.538 E2.37796
G1 X135.213 Y199.265 E2.40055
G1 X134.751 Y199.822 E2.41861
G1 X134.147 Y200.464 E2.4406
G1 X133.614 Y200.97 E2.45893
G1 X133.215 Y201.315 E2.47209
G1 X132.644 Y201.768 E2.49027
G1 X131.994 Y202.225 E2.51009
G1 X131.333 Y202.636 E2.5295
G1 X130.634 Y203.018 E2.54938
G1 X130.108 Y203.271 E2.56394
G1 X129.576 Y203.501 E2.57839
G1 X129.076 Y203.695 E2.59177
G1 X128.599 Y203.859 E2.60435
G1 X127.994 Y204.041 E2.62011
G1 X127.131 Y204.248 E2.64225
G1 X126.416 Y204.375 E2.66037
G1 X125.847 Y204.45 E2.67468
G1 X125.666 Y204.465 E2.67921
G1 X124.802 Y204.523 E2.70082
G1 X124.295 Y204.534 E2.71347
G1 X123.63 Y204.516 E2.73006
G1 X123.093 Y204.479 E2.74349
G1 X122.417 Y204.403 E2.76046
G1 X121.881 Y204.317 E2.774
G1 X121.164 Y204.17 E2.79226
G1 X120.352 Y203.954 E2.81322
G1 X119.62 Y203.713 E2.83244
G1 X119.149 Y203.535 E2.845
G1 X118.534 Y203.271 E2.86169
G1 X118.054 Y203.038 E2.875
G1 X117.549 Y202.761 E2.88937
G1 X117.545 Y202.767 E2.88955
G1 X116.976 Y202.43 E2.90605
G1 X116.429 Y202.073 E2.92234
G1 X116.007 Y201.768 E2.93533
G1 X115.485 Y201.36 E2.95186
G1 X115.1 Y201.028 E2.96454
G1 X114.535 Y200.499 E2.98385
G1 X113.969 Y199.9 E3.0044
G1 X113.414 Y199.239 E3.02593
G1 X113.102 Y198.832 E3.03873
G1 X112.76 Y198.338 E3.05371
G1 X112.475 Y197.889 E3.06698
G1 X112.387 Y197.739 E3.07132
G1 X111.947 Y196.944 E3.09399
G1 X111.579 Y196.166 E3.11545
G1 X111.35 Y195.602 E3.13064
G1 X111.299 Y195.463 E3.13433
G1 X111.126 Y194.967 E3.14744
G1 X110.915 Y194.265 E3.16572
G1 X110.761 Y193.627 E3.18209
G1 X110.738 Y193.513 E3.18499
G1 X110.599 Y192.763 E3.20402
G1 X110.485 Y191.82 E3.22772
G1 X110.444 Y191.15 E3.24446
G1 X110.441 Y191.056 E3.24681
G1 X110.424 Y189.897 E3.27572
G1 X110.424 Y116.64 E5.10312
G1 X110.425 Y116.576 E5.10472
G1 X110.453 Y115.176 E5.13965
G1 X110.525 Y114.467 E5.15743
G1 X110.657 Y113.787 E5.17471
G1 X110.837 Y113.157 E5.19105
G1 X111.07 Y112.543 E5.20743
G1 X111.35 Y111.956 E5.22366
G1 X111.674 Y111.399 E5.23973
G1 X112.024 Y110.895 E5.25504
G1 X112.465 Y110.36 E5.27233
G1 X112.914 Y109.903 E5.28831
G1 X113.379 Y109.498 E5.3037
G1 X113.84 Y109.157 E5.318
G1 X114.252 Y108.887 E5.33029
G1 X114.741 Y108.615 E5.34425
G1 X115.2 Y108.399 E5.3569
G1 X115.777 Y108.177 E5.37232
G1 X116.447 Y107.983 E5.38972
G1 X117.117 Y107.849 E5.40677
G1 X117.721 Y107.78 E5.42193
G1 X117.866 Y107.774 E5.42555
G1 X119.295 Y107.745 E5.46121
G1 X119.36 Y107.744 E5.46283
G1 X129.479 Y107.744 E5.71525
G1 X130.128 Y107.75 E5.73144
G1 X130.778 Y107.77 E5.74766
G0 X130.79 Y107.37
G1 X131.296 Y107.413 E5.76033
G1 X131.828 Y107.493 E5.77375
G1 X132.409 Y107.622 E5.78859
G1 X132.918 Y107.772 E5.80183
G1 X133.566 Y108.017 E5.81911
G1 X134.176 Y108.305 E5.83594
G1 X134.638 Y108.567 E5.84919
G1 X135.3 Y109.016 E5.86914
G1 X135.863 Y109.478 E5.88731
G1 X136.338 Y109.939 E5.90382
G1 X136.681 Y110.326 E5.91672
G1 X137.075 Y110.838 E5.93283
G1 X137.436 Y111.387 E5.94922
G1 X137.744 Y111.949 E5.96521
G1 X138.024 Y112.582 E5.98248

What printer are you using and how does the printer profile in OctoPrint look?

Mendel Max 3. The print looks fine in Cura, in Octoprint has the prints printing side by side. I've tried changing the offsets for dual extruder. first in Cura then in Octoprint, no luck. Prints fine with one extruder, when I bring in second extruder run into problems.