Duet Wifi 2 and octoprint reprap firmware issues

Hi guys.
it´s a fact that the Duet Wifi 2 bord and Octoprint is not getting along.
But is there anybody that have gotten it to work?
Was running marlin before swap to Duet bord.
/ have a lot of experience with Marlin and still learning Reprap.

Issues regarding reading Duet SD card
When printing from Duet "side"/panel/bord" the Octoprint is just not getting any update other then temperatures from hot end and bed.

Are running Reprap 3.3 and Octoprint 1.6.1 latest to day´s date.

Hello @ogmannes !

When printing from SD card also with Marlin you do not get more than temperatures...

It would be more helpful if you would not have deleted the template that asked for further information. (logs etc)

Also, a while ago, someone stated they would work on Duet integration with OctoPrint:

Although it doesn't seem like any development went through. Should you feel up to it, it seems you can leverage some of the DuetSoftwareFramework API to adapt how OctoPrint communicates with Duet boards:

Hi Ewald, on Marlin when printing from SD card the octoprint changes state to "printing"
And you have the option to pause, stop, etc and you get the estimated time left, even printing from the macine.

When printing with Duet its not changing state.
So the Basic, is even lacking.

I have been printing from octoprint in my Duet, but on smal print, longer I normaly run in too time out or connection issues.

I posted to see if some one have made a work around or the issue it self is just a dead end.

Oops - forgot about that...

any updates to this? i would like to use DWC to run prints. however, use all of the octoprint plugins and integrations (ios apps). Currently can run a print through octoprint or through DWC, but when one print is running, the other does not register the print occuring.