E3D Bigbox -- warms up T0 but extrudes with T1 RESOLVED

E3D BigBox dual with Marlin 1.6
OctoPrint 1.4.0 running on OctoPi 0.17.0
Simplify3D 4.1.2

I've been using Octoprint for a couple of years with my E3D Bigbox dual with no problems, I think 1.13.something. Flash card finally gave out so I imaged a new one with the latest Octoprint pi image. Calibrating things and doing some terminal tests, all is good.

My first test print fails in a way I've never seen. Octoprint warms up T0, goes to extrude, and then extrudes with T1 instead of T0. The only T1 in the gcode is at the end: "M104 S0 T1; turn off extruder 1"

I've attached octoprint.log going back to the most recent start and the gcode. Also going to check out a repo and try some earlier releases.

octoprint.log (14.9 KB) box-10-10-10.gcode (41.0 KB)

I'm staring at these lines in your gcode while reading this:

; set T0

Their example indicates T1 on the RepRap page.

"Tool numbering may start at 0 or 1, depending on the implementation. Some implementations (those that use the M563 command to define tools) allow the user to specify tool numbers, so with them you can have tools 17, 99 and 203 if you want. Negative numbers are not allowed."

If it were me, I'd manually play with some commands in the Terminal tab of OctoPrint until I knew if my firmware counts from zero or one.

I did that before attempting to print, I was able to warm up the head and test extrude a few cm. When I get back to the studio I'm going to try the gcode line-by-line and see if there's an error message from Marlin. 1.6 is from a couple of years ago -- maybe it's hitting some archaic bug that's been fixed in the past year?

Update: entered commands line by line in to terminal and looked for error messages.

G1 X157.026 Y52.602 F6000
G1 E1.0000 F1800
G1 X157.398 Y52.974 E0.0442 F750

That last line caused the head to move and the T1 extruder to turn, T0 did not extrude

Maybe it wants T1 for the first tool and T2 for the second tool.

From Terminal tab

M104 S170

Then apply a piece of filament to either hotend to see which one is heating up.

I have temperature display in the bezel and can feel the heat off each of the heads. It's clearly T0 that is hot. I've had this printer for several years, the tools have always been T0 and T1.

I'll try printing something I sliced over a year ago. S3D has upgraded a couple of times, they could be introducing gcode that Marlin 1.6 doesn't understand.

Or go into S3D's interface and change the identification for both tools and you should be fine.

This is why we keep notes. Because we make mistakes and forget things.

Last two changes: upgrade Octoprint and S3D. Must be one of those, how can it not be?

Ok, what did I change before that?

[flips to previous page in log book]

Oh, right, I upgraded the extruder blocks, heads, and temp sensors. No note that I tested them.

Sigh. I swapped the controllers for each extruder and since the cables weren't labeled I DID NOT NOTICE.


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