E3V2 Board Question

Greetings! I was looking at alternatives to an RPi for OctoPrint for my Creality Ender 3 V2, and I was curious about something I found. There's this board, the Fysetc E4, would it be able to run Octo or SimplyPrint on the board along with printer firmware? Here's a link

No, unfortunately supporting wifi doesn't mean it would also run OctoPrint. It would support running Marlin with the WebUI enabled, however, which is what that product page describes.

OctoPrint requires Python and other dependices, which also requires a higher level operating system like Linux, Windows, MacOSX, etc.
And, unfortunately, running an entire OS and a firmware that aims to be as 'baremetal' as possible are competing goals. Even if you could run both on the same hardware, it would only do one or the other well, and the other would suffer.

Does that mean I could access it on a different wifi, and still use it?

Not sure what you mean by different wifi.

(This is Printerneer on a different account)
Let's say I'm at the library, and I want to check the print status, could I be on a different wifi connection and still view it?

You'll want to setup something for remote access in that case: