Easy shielding for RPi v2 long ribbon

Not sure if anyone else has tried this but it worked for me. I googled around and couldn’t find anything on the topic.

I have the 6ft extension ribbon on my cam and the heat bed power interference would render my stream unwatchable. Same problem with the 3ft cable.

Solution, for shielding, I wrapped the cable in 2” aluminum tape, the type used for duct work (not duck tape) with the sticky side out. After that I wrapped the aluminum tape with a black packing tape. I’m sure any color would work. Originally, I grounded the aluminum but it turned out that the ground wasn’t needed. Picture is flawless now.


That sounds like it would work for blocking electromagnetic noise. I will note that the long cables drop voltage and/or increase current drained from the Pi.


Fixing RED flashes

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In a case like this, I'll use the U-Haul branded clear packing tape with dispenser. The tape itself is perhaps two inches wide (which is almost 5cm). I'll stick that (backwards) on the table or floor, reverse the direction so that it's sticky-side up and then cut the other end and apply it as well to the table/foor. In your case, I'd then have a longer-than-your ribbon cable section of tape, sticky-side up adhered to the floor, let's say.

Next, I'll run some perpendicular downward-facing stripes of the smaller cellophane style of tape to make sure that nothing really moves.

Next, I'll cut same-width strips of aluminum foil and apply these down the length of the tape. The width needs to be slightly over twice the width of the ribbon cable but not more. The foil needs to be applied a half inch from the tape edge opposite me.

Next, the ribbon cable in this case then gets laid along the aluminum foil to coincide with the opposite edge. I then fold that short offset of tape over the ribbon cable all the way down. I then flip the ribbon-cable-with-aluminum-and-tape toward me. I fold everything again if required so that the ribbon cable is nicely packaged; the remaining tape will make sure that nothing metallic can short out any electronic components.

Clean up the ends and snip off the cellotape if it's seen anywhere.