Empty history after finish prints

My prints don't be listed on the History tabs... why ?

Have a creality CR10S pro v2 with original firmware..

Hi @stonefox,

which history-plugin do you use?

E.g. if you use my last RC5, this is not working with OP1.4, BUT a couple of minutes ago I released a new version: https://github.com/OllisGit/OctoPrint-PrintJobHistory/releases/tag/1.0.0rc6

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Thanks for the link.

I have download 2 files :

Source code.zip

But have can I Install the plugin ( zip files) from OCtoprint ?

Both ?

Steen from Denmark

I don't know which zip you should use - I would try the master.zip

Settings -> Pluginmanager -> more

Info: just installed via the master.zip - works fine!

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I it possible automatic to put in the thumbnail in the back box

Steen from Denmark

Seems like there is an image - just very dark.
Isn't the blue thing your display?

Then I start the print job, a thumbnail is show up in the left menu. Can This image automatic be placed in til “Print Job History” ?

That looks like the UFP plugin's extracted image based on the proportions and file name. In the case of either that plugin or the PrusaSlicerThumbnails plugin the metadata will have an extra property named thumbnail. @OllisGit would have to integrate it within his interface.

Looks like Olli already has opened an enhancement-issue regarding the thumbnail integration :wink:

Cool, didn't know.

Hi @stonefox,
if you want to use the Thumbnail instead of the Snapshot-Image you need to deactivate the snapshot-checkbox in the plugin-settings. Because the taking a snapshot has a higher priority.