Enclosure Temperature in the Temp Graph Tab

I have installed a temperature sensor in my new enclosure and i thought that it would be nice if that temperature would also be shown in the temperature graph tab. Is there already a plugin that does that or is it even possible?

This can do it:

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Thanks for your answer. I am already using this plugin. But i can't find an option to show the temperature in the temperature graph tab

I wouldn't do that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, I read it wrong. I thought the navbar.

No, for the temperature grph ther is no plugin... sorry.

Of course i meant plugin :rofl:

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Okay thank you. But in theory it would be possible to do something like that, right?

There have been requests...

But as far as I know, it's till not possible.

It is possible using hooks inside OctoPrint, but the temperature graph nor the enclosure plugin currently support it. There is a solution in the works by @jneilliii, to enable adding extra info to the temperature graph but it is not on the repository yet, and still has a few issues to work out.

Yeah, there's actually an EnclosurePlugin fork that someone was working on that supports it with my plugin, which is when we found this new issue I'm trying to work out. Will probably be working on that this weekend. Here's the relevant information.

Awesome! Good luck solving the issue :slight_smile:

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