Ender 3 homes to middle of bed

Hi All,

Thank you in advance, you guys have been awesome helping me.

Newbie here.

When I hit auto home, the extruder first goes to top left, then moves to near the middle of the bed.

I'm using a BL Touch, so I think all I need to do is set home in the top left, and let the touch do it's thing.

But I know I need to set z first and apply home offset, and in order to do that, I use prepare, move axis, and move the extruder to the top left (if I don't do that in x and y, it gives me an error "too far.").

Is there a way I can get the extruder to move to the top left when hitting auto home, so all I have to do is change the z offset?

Every time I apply the xyz home offsets, if I hit auto home, it goes back to the middle of the bed.

Thanks again.

Homing - better said: Setting X and Y axis to zero position - with cartesian printers is usually on one corner of the bed. In your case top left.

The position in the middle is used to get the actual distance of the nozzle to the bed.

So why the middle of the bed? Because slicers usually position the models right on that spot. You can move the model in your slicer, but if you have a BL Touch installed, you obviously have bed mesh levelling. And also the middle of the the bed is the best position to get the mesh adjusted in whole.