Ender 3 Max Neo wont connect to serial port

just got a new ender 3 max neo, and re-imaged my octopi due to having WIFI issues from my ender 3 pro where the WIFI disappeared, I performed the tape repair of the 5v pin on the usb cable for the new printer which does work like it should, but i get no connection to the octopi from the printer it just says no serial port found.

Did you read the FAQ?

I ended up figuring out what the issue was, the micro usb cable I had was faulty and wouldn’t connect to the printer but would work with other things.

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Which cable did you end up purchasing? I'm having the same issue.

I just tried several cables I had till I found one that worked, usually the ones that don’t work are very flimsy

Oh. I was doing the same thing. Broke down and went to Best Buy. Running my first print with it now!! So happy!

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