Ender 3 pro bed keeps moving out of the frame

I everyone, I hope I can get some help

I have an ender 3 pro, I've set the bed size in octoprint but if I connect it to the printer and start printing the bed seems to want to continue rolling out of the frame.

I googled and tried looking if my settings are wrong but I just started 3d printing 4 days ago and not sure what to look for.

I've flashed the last octoprint on the website and the Octopi camera works fine, connecting to the printer shows the details but that issue happens.

Thank you in advance.

Mine did the same. Switched to my own marlin and the problem disappeared.

If you want to do the same and need help let me know.

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Hi there, thanks a lot for the reply.

If you don't mind pointing me to the best way solve it I would appreciate it.

I tinkt this video should explain everything you need to do.

I use my own Marlin config for my printer, but for a beginner the TH3D firmware should be the easiest one to flash.

all you need is an arduino uno (clone) and a few male to female jumper cables.

you can buy a cheap clone like this one

and some cheap jumper cables

You need to flash the bootloader just one time - from then on you can flash a new firmware easy over usb and octoprint or your laptop/pc :wink:

If you don't know how to do one step or feel insecure about anything you can ask anytime :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention I have the skr e3 mini 1.2 already installed, can I just do flash into it?

Thanks a lot for your help.

No that was all based on the assumption that you're using the creality hardware :smiley:

That changes a lot :slight_smile:
You don't need the arduino part and can update your firmware simply via sd card.

Where did you get your firmware from? Was it already flashed when you bought it?

My bad :man_facepalming:, yes I took it off the box and straight into to the ender 3 pro, haven't done anything else.
Really silent, until I flashed the octoprint and connected it, got something to print and the bed was going crazy.

It could be your endstops - does homing work? If not check them.

I have never used a 32bit board so I can't really help you with your firmware :confused:

All I can show you is their github

I would wait some time and see if another user can help you and if not I would contact bigtreetechand ask for advice.

I'll have to check today if home works as well.

Thanks a lot so far!

Hi there, I've manage to fix it with a suggestion from another user.

Apparently if the printer is turned on when the pi is connected to it it will cause that issue.
I have to tape the power on the USB cable so it won't happen.

Thanks for your help.


I had the same problem when I was using change filament command on menu. It was pushing bed towards +y and end stopper wouldn't work. I think it is a similar problem. I just wanted to share.

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