Ender 3 stops moving in the Y direction

Apologies in advance for my ignorance of proper procedure for getting help. I know nothing only a little since getting octopi set up a couple days ago.

What is the problem?

I have had two instances of an octoprint bug. The first instance of the bug happened a couple days ago and the second just happened. It looks like octoprint just stops moving in the Y direction at some arbitrary point in the print. The printer seems to still be moving in the Z direction and the build plate definitely is still shifting back and forth. The extruder is still extruding the proper amount which is resulting in a huge pile up of filament.

Picture of the first instance of the error. I tried to put more but I'm only allowed one picture as a new user. This one best represents the issue. You can see in the back where the printer didn't finish covering the part and where there is a larger build up of filament at those X coordinates

All I know to do for trying to solve it is to reprint it to see if it was a gcode issue. I reprinted the first object with the same Gcode file and didnt get the issue and I am currently reprinting the the second even though I doubt it will produce the issue again.
I don't think it was an access issue interfering with the print because the first issue happened while I was asleep and the second happened while I was in the shower so there was no traffic to the Pi.


I don't have logs for the first instance of the issue because I didn't realize that Octoprint kept log files.

serial.log (148 Bytes)
octoprint.log (486.0 KB)

Additional information about your setup

I am using the Ender 3
I am using latest release of OctoPi
I don't know what firmware version I am using. I just upgraded to the silent motherboard for the Ender 3 a couple weeks ago.

We had a similar case here

Seems to be a problem with the silent board.
Btw just out of curiosity - how quiet is it compared to the stock board?

Very quiet. I didn’t realize how much noise the original motherboard was making until I replaced it. All I hear anymore is fan noise

Awesome :slight_smile:

What was your solution?