Ender 3 X Axis homes to right side of plate

I have my Ender 3 running the latest TH3D firmware and Octoprint. I'm having a problem with my X Axis. In Octoprint the controls work (left, right) but 1.) it will not travel the full length of the axis...it will only get to a certain point and won't move any further, and 2.) It homes to the right side of the build plate when historically mine have always homed to the left side where the limit switch is. I've tried reversing the X axis in Octoprint, but that didn't help.

Just wondering what I can do to fix this! Thanks for any help!


does the printer behave the same if you're controlling it over the display menu without octoprint connected?
If yes there is something wrong with the settings in your firmware

Thanks for your response! I followed a (pretty detailed) youtube video from "Edge of Tech" and I'm pretty sure I made all of the correct changes. I triple checked before I flashed. But yes, this sounds like a firmware thing. Thanks again!

You could compare your settings with the stock marlin settings for the ender 3

here are the 1.1.9 configs

and here the 2.x bugfix configs

depending on which firmware you use