Ender 5 Plus Setup on Ocotprint

Just got a 2nd printer, an Ender 5 Plus. Currently all stock. Created a second instance of octoprint and got connected. Was trying to get thing leveled and setup but there is something wrong with octoprint controlling/commands. Prolably a setting or something I am not seeing.

When I go to controls in octoprint and say up 1 in Z, it goes down... So I changed the setting in octoprint to invert Z axis. After that it still goes down but not just 1, it keep going and going. I am guess this has to do with G90/G91 positioning. But I am not sure what to change to make the controls work on my new printer. Tried doing the commands via terminal, get G91 then G1 Z10, but it moves down and doesn't stop....

Any Ideas are welcome.