Ender 6 + Octoprint compared to print from SD Card

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Poor print quality using Octoprint, compared to printing from SDCard with same model

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Hi everyone. I've been a big fan of Octoprint for some years now. I would label myself as mid-level experience. I use Cura, Octoprint, and lately I'm using my Ender 6 as my goto printer.

To be honest, I've always been a "functional" over "aesthetic" guy. i.e. if a print completes and then does the job I wanted, I'm over the moon. But in the last week or so I've been striving to product "beautiful prints" - using Astronaut Phil, to create my benchmarks.

I was getting really bad blobs on curves, and long story short, it seems this is a known issue when the controller board can't receive data quickly enough for the RPi. The baudrate seems locked at 115kbps.

So to put it simply, my prints are pretty poor when using Octoprint in conjunction with the default board / firmware on the Ender 6. When I use exactly the same slicer settings and simply save the gcode to the SDCARD the prints look awesome. The only thing that changes is using Octoprint or print from SDCARD.

Looking for some confirmed solutions here. I'm open to upgrading to Klipper etc. Ultimately I will be using the Ender 6 with Mosaic Palette 3 Pro, if it's up to the job.

Many thanks for taking time to read.


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