Ender3 Communication error

Hi all, happy to join on this community. I'm new user of Octoprint

What is the problem?
I've installed Octoprint on my Ender3, all run good, but when i start a print show this msg popup and the printer disconnected immedialtely. If i try to reconnect and start other print, she disconnect and show the same popup alert.

My Ender3 is normal and without hardware/software. The mainboard is original.
My Raspberry is PI4 with 1GB.
(i've more printer with Octoprint, the problem is only with Ender3 (NO PRO))

Thanks in advance for help to resolve the connection and start to enjoy Octoprint.

Hello @thelogantech!

So, did you consult the terminal output and the octoprint.log?
Sadly you deleted the template when you opened this thread. So you may need to share octoprint.log and serial.log...

Hi, sorry, thats my first time :smile:

There are log octoprint and serialoctoprint.log (535.2 KB) serial.log (148 Bytes)

i dont know where i can find error and i can read the error

Good. But you may have to enable serial logging first.

I think, I found the issue:

Send: N15 M117 ETA: 15:18:40*115
| Recv: Error:No Checksum with line number, Last Line: 14

The colons (:) in the line can't be parsed by marlin.
Maybe Display ETA or another plugin that passes the ETA time on to the printer.

You may start in safemode to check that out.
Then start in normal mode, disable Display-ETA and PrintTimeGenius to see if it is one of them.
Also check the start gcodes of slicer and OctoPrint

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Thanks @Ewald_Ikemann for your amazing support. I disable ETA and printer run!!

Thanks :slight_smile: