Ender5+bad bltouch

What is the problem?
Octoprint sees bltouch error, disconnects instantly, M999 has no effect

What did you already try to solve it?
About everything a C.E.T. would think of.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)
Ender 5 plus is huge core x-y, has original noisy 2.2 motherboard. Any bltouch, I have 3, plugged into
the2.2 motherboard crowbars everything but the fan. So its unplugged, and I have steel bed sheets, and prox sensors on an amazon truck, be here tomorrow, need help to convert it from a bltouch to a
prox sensor, npn, no style.

My prusa MK3S+ is working great, I get along with OpenSCAD well enough to make any adapters it
needs from PETG or even CF+PETG. Ender 5 head has been swapped for a $29 3 fan volcano clone,
which all works. But I need help in the conversion. Diamondback nozzles in everything.

Octoprint is 1.8.2, running in a venv on a rock64 running armbian bullseye, all uptodate., using chromium for the octoprint gui.

I can supply the OpenSCAD stuff I made to adapt the head if anyone else has an Ender 5 Plus.

its taken about 3 weeks, but I've now setup a pair of rock64's, one for each printer. And its taken me 3 days to cut a 4th vise screw on my 6040 milling machine. I have OpenSCAD set up to make the half nuts
for these screws with the ability to trim the size of the nut to fit the individual screw. But the one I just completed needs a size between the 5th tooth shape, plus 3.2mm as a preprinted nut of T5_3.1 is too small, and another at 3.3 is a tad sloppy. So I had OpenSCAD make me a T53.2 and told cura to do
it 4 up. Cura 5.2 says 19 hours. That gcode, sent to Octoprint shows as 29+ megabytes, and
nearly 5.5 days to print.

So I cranked up the Prusa's speed to 150% once it had finished the first layer. 3 hours later its saying 4 days remaining, and the prusa is stuttering like its stopping until the next move comes in. About 10x
a second.

Is it possible the rock64 isn't fast enough and the printer is stuttering because the rock64 isn't sending the code fast enough? An essentially identical install on another rock64 driving my ender 5 plus, does not seem to be having any similar results, usually completing the job in around 75% of curas estimated time.

Thanks, and If anyone knows how to speed up the rock64, runniing the current armbian 11, I can rig a cooling fan if need be.

Thank you, all.