English Users Manual?


I ordered and received the Octoprint complete kit. It came with a German Language Handbook/Manual. I don't read German. Where can I download an English Handbook? Thank you.


Who sells this kit? Adafruit?


There's a manual ???


Yes!!! If you like, I'll send you my German copy...


Thanks, but, no thanks

German isn't my first language (or my second, or third, in fact, the only German I speak has something to do with beer. I don't even know what it is that I'm saying, I just know that it has something to do with beer)

Lemme know when they come up with one written in Klingon tho, and I'll buy that one


Maybe the thread author refers to the official OctoPrint kit which also include a manual. This kit is also advertised on the OctoPrint website.


Yes, I thought it would be good to support the developer.


I don't know if it is exactly congruent with the handbook that you have,
but the documentation can be downloaded in HTML format here:


Thank you for your reply. I haven't programmed since before Lotus was
purchased by IBM. My first computer was a 1958 "Ford" aerospace analog that
used 5 miles of gear reduction for logic. I installed my first robot in
1979. Since then I have focused on robots. I am prototyping a robot now and
really have little time to do anything buy plug in Octoprint, set it up and
watch it work. As I haven't learned German yet, I need someone to tell me
where to plug in what. (Watch it, I'm old). Any help with the basics would
be appreciated. Otherwise I will do what I have always done, fly by the
seat of my pants and pray for a good outcome.


In case you haven't seen this already, this might help.



One of Richard Feynman's first intern jobs was working with gears in an analog ballistics computer, by the way.

And some of the parts of the first printer (Kleinschmidt) I tore apart in tech school had Swastikas on them.


That's good stuff. It's amazing that we're still breathing.


And...mine was a missile guidance computer.... :slight_smile:


Hey, my grandfather came out to visit me at age 93... with his new girlfriend. :joy: My great-grandmother lived to 93 herself. You're only as old as you feel.

My father was a Navy drill instructor and John Wayne's son was in one of his whatever-they-called-that.