Error: No more candidates to test

Hello together!

Since 2-3 Days i had the Problem that i can sometimes not connect to my Ender 3 Pro with SKR 1.3
I didnt changed anything on my Printer or in the Octoprint Settings.
I only made some Updates from my Octoprint.

The Problem is if i turn on my Printer i always get this Error here:
Error:No more candidates to test, and no working port/baudrate combination detected

I tried the following:
Unplug the USB Cable & used a another USB Port on my RPi
Reboot Octoprint
Bootet Octoprint in Failsafe Mode

all this dindnt helped...
But if i Unplugged the Power from my RPi and bootet it upagain i could connect to my printer.
So yesterday i didt exact this and then i could connect to my Ender 3 Pro with SKR1.3
Today (one day later) i had the same issue again...

Can somebody help me please?
Had no idea what i can do...


Sorry hope everybody can understand whats my Problem and what i did wrote here, because my English skills are not very good.

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