Error: Printer halted. kill() called! On Print Start

What is the problem?

When i wanted to start a print a get "Error: Printer halted. kill() called!" response and printer disconnects and never connect until i manually restart it.
Before clicking the "Load and Print" icon everthing (axis control, bed temp control, terminal commands etc) works without any problem.

What did you already try to solve it?

Printer can print the gcode i wanted with usb without any problem. Same gcode does not work with octoprint.

Have you tried running in safe mode and if so did it solve the issue?

Yes, same problem exists on safe mode.

Complete Logs

serial (1).log (11.3 KB) octoprint (3).log (122.8 KB)

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint 1.5.1, OctoPi 0.17.0, SKR 1.4 Turbo

Can you give some more information about your printer?
Is it single or dual head?

Single extuder, Core XY style hypercube evolution.
Octoprint was working without any issue until 1.5 update.

It happened right after the bed temp was set.
Does it heat up when you change the bed temperature in idle?
The error was sent from your printer and I don't see how this could be 1.5 update related.

2020-12-06 14:55:43,219 - Send: N1 M140 S60*82
2020-12-06 14:55:43,223 - Recv: ok
2020-12-06 14:55:43,226 - Send: N2 M105*37
2020-12-06 14:55:43,232 - Recv: ok T:13.20 /0.00 B:13.39 /60.00 @:0 B@:127
2020-12-06 14:55:43,236 - Send: N3 M190 S60*93
2020-12-06 14:55:43,242 - Recv:  T:13.20 /0.00 B:13.39 /60.00 @:0 B@:127 W:?
2020-12-06 14:55:43,244 - Recv: Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
2020-12-06 14:55:43,248 - Changing monitoring state from "Printing" to "Error: Printer halted. kill() called!"
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This W:? at 2020-12-06 14:55:43,242 is wondering me. I can't find information about this respond parameter.

If I understand it correctly it should show a countdown when the temperature is reached but not stabilized yet.
When the countdown reached 0 the temperature is stable


This is correct, it stands for 'wait' in my mind, how long you have to wait. Counts down from 10 as it gets close to temp.


Anyhow: At that moment the printer freaks out.

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i downloaded and compiled the latest (nightly build) marlin firmware.
Nothing changed,
i change the cable between raspberry and printer.
Nothing changed.

This is not a software issue - your printer bed is not heating up by the looks of things, so it shuts off to protect from potential fire hazard.

Check the thermistor is still attached to the printer bed.

I finally figured out what the problem was.
Yes, you are right, the problem is not related to octoprint. I recently activated the power outage feature in the marlin software. But for some reason, Bigtreetech SKR 1.4 board waited for a signal from the corresponding pin on the motherboard for this feature to work.
I disabled this feature in the Marlin software and the problem was resolved.
Thank you for your great support.


@ibrahimcengiz Can you please provide some detail regarding what configuration setting caused the issue for you? I'm probably running into something similar. I added a little MKS power relay board to my MKS Robin Nano based machine, which was working fine for weeks. However, probably since I cleaned the EEPROM, I now get immediate shutdown after running M190 S60.

Nevermind, I fixed this. M413 S0 to turn off power loss recovery