Error Probing Failed (1.3.11)


What is the problem?
After upgrading to 1.3.11 auto leveling on my Anet A8 (V1.7) with the SN04-N Sensor fails probing in OctoPrint Standard and Safe mode.

This has been working fine with the previous version.

What did you already try to solve it?
Restart PI
Restart Printer
Tried OctoPrint Safe Mode

Additional information about your setup

ANET 3D V1.17 Board
Marlin V1.1.9 Firmware
SN04-N Sensor (replaces Z Endstop, no soldering required).

Terminal Output:
Recv: Error:Probing failedChanging monitoring state from "Operational" to "Error: Probing failed"Changing monitoring state from "Error: Probing failed" to "Offline (Error: Probing failed)"Connection closed, closing down monitor


This "Error: Probing failed" message is generated by your printer's firmware and has nothing to do with OctoPrint.


Thanks for the advice, seems a coincidence it only happened since upgrading. I will investigate further.

UPDATE: You were correct a bed rail has shifted causing the corner being probed to be much lower than it expected and seems to have generated the error. Many Thanks Foosel for pointing me in the right direction.


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You were correct a bed rail has shifted

Wow, what an unhappy coincidence that this happened right before a software update! It reminds me of the first computer I bought from parts. After I built it, I had terrible and random lockups and reboots. I was sure I made some mistake somewhere along the way, like bad bios settings, incompatible hardware purchase, etc. Turns out I had a defective video card (the whole line was later recalled). Took months to figure out, but it would have been EASY to detect had I only done a video card install and not a complete build.

I'm glad you got your printer back up so quickly!