ETA, ETL and % displayed at printer lcd



it's been a while since I set up my octopi (about 2 years). Everything works fine and all is up to date.

Lately I started to use the printer more often again and I noticed that the ETA time displayed at the LCD of the Prusa-like printer was wrong.

A quick google search revealed that I have to set the right timezone, so I did this and now it shows the right time.

The thing I'm wondering about is:

  1. Does Octoprint send those stated by default to the printer or is it an plugin that I installed (couldn't find it).

  2. Currently the three states change every few seconds (ETA, ETL, printer %). Is it possible to see only one of those states (eg only ETL)?
    Is it possible to set the changing time (how fast it switches to the next state)?



It is a plugin. You'd have to check its documentation to figure out the answer to your second question.


Ok thanks, any hint what the name of that plugin could be?
I looked through my plugins but did not find one that looked like it does this.


Looks like Detailed Progress Plugin - It only appears under Plugin Manager (not in Plugins list).


Thanks! This was the plugin I was looking for.

The github page says that it is possible to change the output, but I'm afraid this isn't possible when you use it as a plugin in octopi, right?


It's not possible via Settings-UI. So you need to configure it via yaml-file....or you could use a "similar" plugin like this one:
There is a settings-page to change the ouput.


@ollisgit thanks for that tip. That looks nice, I will switch to this plugin.

I like to be able to change things directly in the UI. Don't know where I would find the yaml file for the other plugin.
If I would want to change the configuration of the Detailed Progress Plugin, where would I find the the config.yaml file of octoprint (I use octopi).

I wonder what would happen if both plugins would be enabled.


@h4nc Enabling both plugins is not a good idea, beacuse the display will flicker.
The "Detailed" plugin will update the display after some time and the "DisplayLayerProgress" plugin update the display if something is changed e.g. Progress, Layer, Z-Hight (depending on the message-pattern)


Thanks for making that clear. Not that I want to use both, but would it realfy flicker, more like switching fromg one to the other, right?

Also I would still be interessted where I would have to change that configuration.yaml file using octopi.

I also think it would be a good idea for users like me, to add the information that octopi is debian based. First when I read the advise here I wasn't sure if the debian command sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata is the right one for me.

and here:


It's stated on the download page that it's Raspbian based, which is more accurate (but includes "Debian based"). I've clarified that further. I don't know where else to mention it so it will actually get read (which is the biggest issue with the whole documentation challenge).


@OllisGit do you know why it is necessary to reulpload files to make it possible to see the layer-values in the display as well?


@h4nc Answer: Bad implementation! :wink:
More details:

  • The current implementation only listen for "upload-event"
  • If the event occurs the plugin scans the gcode for layer-comments creatd by the different slicers and replaced it with a plugin-specific format, so that while printing it is easy to identify the layer-messages

Maybe a better approach is to use the "start-printing-event" and don't modify the gcode.
If you think the current implementation needs to be "upgraded", feel free to rise an issue in github:

C ya, Olli


Thanks, done.