Ethernet to wifi bridge

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I'm at my wits end. I can't seem to get the raspberry pi running octoprint to function as a bridge between my duet maestro via ethernet cable to my raspberry pi's wifi internet connection. Everytime I get close I'm no longer able to access the pi through ssh or VNC viewer.

I've tried following every guide I could find and none of them seem so there is real possibility i'm doing something wrong, but I'm wondering if there's something "octo" specific about the firmware

i'm using a raspberry 3 b v1.2 running octopi 0.15.1 and my duet maestro is running 2.01 firmware

You may try this or this or find more here

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oh i have, but those in theory should all work on the most recent firmware? then ill just assume i messed something up and start over.