Everything on one page?

I've got OctoPrint installed nicely on my computer plugged into my Ender 3 Pro; it works very nicely.

However it's UI seems more targeted towards being used on something with a small screen (eg a mobile phones) whereas in practice I'm more using my preposterous 43 inch 4k monitor :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get a page that shows; everything on one page:

  • the 'State' panel
  • the 'Temperature' page
  • the 'Control' page including the live webcam stream
  • the GCode Viewer
  • and maybe the Octolapse preview

Would this require changes in the core OctoPrint codebase - or would it already be possible to write something using the plugin interface to do this?

Hello @Jakdaw!

You may have a loon on this:

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That gives me some data in a different form, but it doesn't include half the stuff I'd like (webcam view, octolapse preview, and the full gcode viewer widget). I suppose it could be something to start from....

This isn't precisely what you want but it might be useful until a better solution exists.
You can open each tab of OctoPrint in a separate window of your browser and then position them on your desktop such that they're all viewable.

Take a look at some of these plugins. The interface is not responsive, as it was built back in 2012 and now with the plugin system it is hard to re-write (Although plans are in the works, nothing definite...)

Or you can try this one (in development, pending review to be on the repository)

They might help you out, especially the last one.

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The last one looks perfect - thanks!