Evil Bed Leveling Gremlin on 2 separate printers

I use the "tried & true" procedure to level both my Ender3 Pro and my MonoPrice Mini v.1 Drag the paper, adjust the screws, repeat, repeat, repeat

I've added an additional mm manually. The nozzle just "dives directly" to the bottom of the "Glue Stick" "Painters Tape" or even "Aquanet" spray.

Neither is being nice to my nozzles or my print beds. :frowning:

Octopi v. 0.17.0 running on 2 separate 3A+ Raspberry Pi devices. I do full OS patches before any print. They are much faster than a B+.

I've watched them with System Monitor and they barely top 10% in RAM or 10% in CPU load.

I'm using Cura 4.6.0 or 4.6.1. I haven't messed with either standard profile very much. Mainly on infill, with "normal" printing. FRUSTRATION R ME LOL Any & all ideas welcome.

I find that interesting with the 3B+ having more RAM and number of CORES. I'm curious if maybe your motion settings are causing an issue. There is relative or absolute movement in printing. If the type of movement gets switched at any time the head could potentially be trying to go further than it's supposed to. Check these links for more information.



The 3A+ is a quad-core device. Less RAM, but it's never pegging either element. They usually are at 10% & 10%. "They have the beef" I'm resetting Cura to standard prints for both printers...back to basics.
It's a lot of tweaking & squeaking. I've got a project I built on TinkerCad. I wanted to easily scale it a little larger. Blender did it nicely & exported back to the new .stl file. Now to set up Cura, get a code file & see how it goes this time.

did you save the Z offset?