External Camera (Phone with IP) for OctoLapse Timelapse

Camera model
Old iPhone 6

What is the problem?
I'm trying to get an IP Camera working for OctoLapse Timelapses for my Ender 3.

What did you already try to solve it?
The app i'm using (IPCamera) has an IP address that can be seen in a regular web browser. I have not been able to make it work on OctoPrint. I have the multi-cam plugin working, and have previously used two usb webcams, however, the phone quality is a better than one of the webcams.

In the Settings > MultiCam options, I've tried adding the IP url provided by the app and it does not work. Under some other forums, I've seen people use a login such as "http://username:password@", but I do not have a username or password since it's just an app that streams the camera to an IP URL, rather than an actual IP camera device. Another one I've tried is "" but no success either. I think the solution would be a similar URL to those, but in the OctoLapse menu, which is slightly different, as it uses a base address. Lastly, since I use two cameras, I have the entire setup from the multi-cam tutorial by Chris Riley, so the secondary camera is set to port 8081.

Logs (/var/log/webcamd.log, syslog, dmesg, ...)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...)
Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Chynovsky

Although the iPhone has an IP address, you can't access the iPhone's camera via that IP address. Maybe there is an iPhone App that provides that feature.

i'm using the app IP Camera though, it has an IP address that I can access on the computer browser

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You may find help in this forum searching for "IP cam"

Thanks. I tried searching multiple things, but I've been really unlucky, as the majority of the similar posts use an actual IP camera that has a log-in and password, not a phone using an IP app

I found an app "IP Camera", but its Japanese. :tired_face:

Dang haha. the problem is trying to figure out how to make OctoPrint read the IP from the app :frowning:

I guess you need an app that also provide the possibilty to catch pictures...
So you have to ask the dev of the app for the correct url


I wanted to mention this, since your question mentioned Octolapse. The multi-cam plugin settings will not affect Octolapse. To get an IP camera working you will have to edit the Octolapse camera profiles and give it the correct snapshot url. There is a 'test' button there that you can use to check if the URL you provided is working, and delivering a jpg image.

You mentioned that you are able to access the IP camera on your computer browser, but what URL (IP) are you using in your browser to see a snapshot (not a stream/video)?

I don't know how to get a snapshot. The only thing I can see is just a stream feed from the IP address. Do you have any recommendations for a snapshot?


I have the same issue. I cannot get the snapshot to work on the IP app. Did you manage to sort it out yet?


Could you provide an link to the IP Cam App?


I never got it working. I stuck with my two camera setup which are directly connected to the raspberry pi, but the quality isn't too great. The main issue was that I think the ip address needed some sort of snapshot letters added to the ip address.

I haven’t tryed yet but I was able to talk with the developer of the app and from the browser it works. The url for the pure live stream is XX.XX.XX.XX/live, to get a single snapshot is XX.XX.XX.XX/photo (it opens a webpage with a .jpg) of course assuming you do not have authentication turned on for the app. I am really confident it would work. I’m just waiting to get my old phone back from my old house to test it with octolapse.

I know this is een old thread, but the correct url for snapshots is:


Did you tried the Droidcam app? I'm using one iPhone 5s as streaming webcam. Just install and start the app and use this as stream url:
http://[iPhone IP]:4747/video.force?1280×720

How do you take a snapshot with DroidCam?

I gave up of that idea. Video stops during the print, the phone gets very hot, etc...