External cameras


Is there a way to use external/not connected Webcams and get the feed up in the website or Octoprint client on my iphone? I've read a lot of issues with running camera strait off the board. Basically want to use generic Wifi webcam with direct Wifi connection/Internet and get feed incorporated into Octiprint and the iPhone client.


I'm using IP camera's with my printers... The problem is if your camera only support RTSP streaming (all the ones I purchased, all different ones, all only support RTSP streaming so..) ... you can open VLC player or PotPlayer or any other decent media player and open your camera streaming url (usually looks like this: rtsp://username:password@ but change the last number from 1 to 20 and see different supported resolutions) ... this stream you can't embed into modern browsers as they kinda don't support rtsp and plugins (from vlc for e.g.) that creates support for the browser are now not working with modern browsers (this type of api is no longer supported 'cause of security).. I don't know of any open source / free rtsp players for browser so till that's available embedding these streams into octoprint is only possible trough some recoder... you can use ffmpeg or something similar to fetch the rtsp feed and convert to something browser will understand (webrt or mjpeg or ..) and then use that feed from ffmpeg in octoprint... I tried and it's buggy and I gave up myself ..

but, what does work, is getting snapshots... so making timelapse video (either directly trough octoprint or trough some of the fancy plugins like octolapse), you just need to setup the "image grab" url for your camera and voila, it works like a charm (for my cameras it looks like this: http://username:password@ )

now for live monitoring I use some IPCAM software on my cell phone that I use to monitor all my ip cams in appartment so there I monitor live stream from printers too, and I use telegram plugin to gram a screenshot of current status if I'm not at home... that all works like a charm

if you can get ip camera with webrt or mjpeg streaming capability then its all simple just use the url and put into octoprint and it will work.

now, to figure out url's for your camera I use iSPY ( http://www.ispyconnect.com/download.aspx )