Extra moves during print

Hi there knolegable users and devs. I have upgraded (at the moment it feels like a downgrade) my ole ctc replicator dual and I am slowly learning how to do things the marlin & octoprint way after 6 years of man handling Rep G slicer. Its now running the latest bugfix from 3rd dec customised for the machine with many hours of testing and tweaking on an skr 1.4 turbo with tft35 screen. 3d touch, working neopixels etc. I have just started to get to grips with Octoprint 1.5.1 as I have been using cura 4.8.1 but it is thowing me off trying to print a thinwall & hollow 20x20x20 cube. I used cura to slice the file with spiralized wall and it prints perfect from a usb stick plugged into the tft35 screen (it starts the wall and just keeps going till it reaches the top) as it should do but the same gcode file run from octoprint lays one section of line "one side wall" at a time then moves to the center of the build before moving back to the wall and doing another single side. repeating this over and over . 1 side wall into center, back to wall, 1 side wall, into center. I have spent hours looking for a setting or even a plugin that may be causing it but I have failed. My next move it safemode to see if a plugin is missbehaving and it prints ok. I thought I would ask to see if anyone has come across this before and may save me more pain as I am 100% newbie to Octoprint and "youtubed" best plugins to get me started.

Any advise is welcome

**edit & update **
It hast to be one of the plugins I installed blindly after watching utube vids as safemode is printing perfectly as expected. now to find out who is causing the problem.

Active Filters (0.0.1)
Bed Visualizer (1.0.0)
Firmware Updater (1.7.5)
Floating Navbar (0.3.4)
Navbar Temperature Plugin (0.14)
Octolapse (0.4.1)
PrintTimeGenius Plugin (2.2.6)
Sidebar Webcam (0.1.8)
Simple Emergency Stop (1.0.4)
Tab Order (0.5.12
Terminal Messaging (0.1.0)
Themeify (1.2.2)

OctoLapse is the problem here. It is trying to create a stabilised timelapse for you :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don't want this, you can remove the plugin.

Also, next time, open the topic in 'Get Help' so that others can find the answer easier.

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thx @Charlie_Powell you are spot on. I removed Octolapse and its printing again as expected. a test print at 120 mm/s is zooming along (even tho its mega under extruding on layre change) seems a bit strange that a "video" plugin would be able to do that with gcode and over ride print settings. Never mind it`s gone.

The whole point of Octolapse is to create stabilised timelapses. That's like The Thing™ about it. In order to do that it needs to park the print head and stuff, otherwise it won't be stabilised timelapses at all.

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since it is clever enough to mess with gcode to make a stabilised timelapse should it not be clever enough to recognise a spiralized print from gcode "nmagic_spiralize = True" and not record it or change how it records it " the Z is constantly adjusting so it has to constantly park the head yes ? and in doing so it is breaking the spiralize moves totally defeating the point of having a spiralized print" is there a setting in amongst all the other settings I never found to do that. I am not having a dig at anyone or anything but it is my fault I never read and understood the actions of it, as a complete newbie to this I did not think that it could, would & should do what it did. A plugin should work in harmony with the software it is plugged into not change the way it behaves that undermines how the software works. Octolapse will have it`s uses and is prob brilliant at it but I do not recall one note, popup, etc saying that it can and will change your gcode to make you a pretty video that you will just delete anyway. I will maybe revisit it in the future but for me Octoprint is mainly for remote monitoring.

Thank you for your help

I understand your point/frustration since you didn't know what was going on, but the whole point of installing it is that it does exactly this - if you don't want it, then don't install it. It's not like it installed itself, came preinstalled, you would have had to click through several steps to get it installed & setup.

Of course there was no pop ups to say 'warning, I'm making you a cool timelapse' every time you turned on OctoPrint, if every plugin did this you would be incredibly annoyed. It's doing exactly what it says it does, clearly explained from the plugin page:

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Even with Octolapse installed, you can disable it manually prior to printing a spiralized job. I don't believe there's any magic gcode commands used / needed to do spiralization, just a lot more Z parameters on the G0/G1 (or G2/G3) commands.

It would be possible for Octolapse to be enhanced to recognize, for example, a specific M118 command and change its behavior, but that's something to discuss with the Octolapse developer.