Extruder Feedrate and wierdness

Hey folks, I'm wondering what the default Feedrate is when I choose to extrude filament from the control panel. I see that there are options to increase the percentages, but not sure where the default is. The reason I'm asking is that when I'm calibrating my extruder esteps using the web interface it seems to run really fast. To further explain, in the web interface I choose extrude 100mm. It runs correctly, but the extruder slips and clicks. I didn't know why, but noticed that the extruder was running pretty fast. So, I hooked up my PC and ran simplify3d to directly control the printer. In S3D you can set the Feedrate directly so I set it to what "Tom" recommended as 90mm/min. Extruded 100mm with no issues at all. I started bumping the speed up and up until the extruder started to slip and that was around 240mm/min. Then I bumped the speed to closer to what Octoprint was using in the web interface and i guessed it was somewhere around 300-400mm/min based on the visual and audible estimates. And of course it was slipping all over the place.

My bet is that either I have a default speed set in the firmware, that I'm not seeing or forgot about, or there is a setting in the Octoprint setup that I can modify. Thanks for the help.

Have a look at Settings -> Printer Profile -> [Your Printer] -> Axes
The values there will be used for the manual control in the control-tab

And please note the differences in units. Marlin's extruder rate, for example, is reported in mm/s; OctoPrint's Printer Profile setup screen asks for the values in mm/min so please be advised.