Extruder not lifting up on PAUSE

I just upgraded to 1.7.0 with my Python 3 upgrade on my Prusa i3 MK3. My new issue is that when I PAUSE a print the extruder used to lift up to allow clearing debris or whatever. Now when I PAUSE the print, the extruder stays in place and does not lift up off the print bed. Is that a new 'feature' or an unintended change?

And you did not have any errors during the update of OctoPrint on Docker?

This doesn't sound like it would be Docker related? Why this sub-topic?

What does your pause script consist of?

Logs including a serial log demonstrating the issue would also help.

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By default there is no pause script, it ships empty and nothing is done on a pause. If you flashed a new OctoPi image you would have to re-configure it, or restore a backup which would bring all your old settings back.

Thank you for the replies. While I have been printing for over 3 years, I am not a Python person. I had purchased a configured Pi which was a plug and play operation. I had to upgrade to the new version of Python and along with it install 1.7.0. So I did get a 'clean' install. Sounds like I am going to have to learn to do some programming if I want that feature back.

I apologize for posting in the wrong place. I do appreciate the feedback.

I wouldn't really call it programming as such - you are looking at a very simple gcode script. If you have been printing for 3 years, I suspect you are familiar with gcode, and will be able to understand it.

There's an example of a pause/resume script - it could be one you used before - on the documentation: