Extruder Stuttering repeatedly in same spot

What is the problem?

Extruder stutters in the same spot on prints. The spot is not consistently in the same area among different prints, but on a single print, it will always stutter for a second or two in the same place. Printer is an Anycubic Kobra.

What did you already try to solve it?

  • Not bad hardware. prints are fine via SD card
  • Not jamming, ensured everything was clean, like previously stated everything is good on the SD card.
  • Update software (firmware is already up-to-date)
  • Running in safe mode
  • Different slicer (currently using Cura)
  • Different Filament
  • Different Nozzle

In researching this issue, it seems that others have encountered similar issues caused by serial data not being sent/received correctly, however, their problems seem to happen all the time, mine is for a second or two, then it goes back to normal until it loops back around to that same area. I did watch the terminal once as it printed and noticed that there aren't any received/send messages when it stutters(just reports on the temperature) so I believe this is the problem, but I'm unsure of the root cause. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version 1.10.0, not running on an RaspberryPi, but instead an old Macbook Pro with Ubuntu 22 installed (never previously had issues with the setup), Anycubic Kobra, Kobra Firmware 2.8.2 (Marlin).

Maybe check your belts/pulleys. Make sure no worn parts or loose belt. A bad belt can give intermittant issues.

The systeminfo bundle would be of great help.