Failed to Connect to Serial Port


I'm facing an issue while trying to connect OctoPrint to my 3D printer and could use some help to resolve it .

When trying to connect OctoPrint to my 3D printer, I'm receiving an error message stating: "Failed to connect to serial port" .

I'm using the latest version of OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, and I've verified that the USB cable connections are secure. However, despite all this ; I'm unable to establish a connection to the printer. Get Help - OctoPrint Community Forum .
I've restarted both OctoPrint and the Raspberry Pi, checked the printer's power supply, and verified that the printer is powered on and in the correct state. I've also tried different USB cables and ports, but the error still there.

I'm asking for help from the community on how to troubleshoot and resolve this connection error. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you

It is not helpful to delete the template and hold back important information that help us to help you.

Please attach the requested information to your next post.

We are good but we are not omnipotent. Your definition of "latest" and our definition may be wildly different. Your model of Raspberry Pi (and the OS installed on it) is a mystery to us and your make and model of 3D printer is a secret you have yet to share.