Failed to fetch errors

I'm trying to setup my octoprint using an RPI 7" touchscreen, really because I have one and it's not being used for anything else.
I've read a myriad of guides and so far no success, no mater what I do, when I try Sudo apt-get upgrade, after it all runs through, everyone is a failed to fetch, unexpected file size error.
I've tried several SD cards, multiple times.
I have very little experience with any of this so apologize in advance if it's a dumb question.

This is on version 0.17 I will figure out how to grab the screen output and attach later today.

We need some logs or a copy of the console output in order to help you

I think I should probably spend a day or two figuring out how to even get the logs ,lol
Let me try and figure this out

Ok, for whatever reason, I decided to use my phone as a hotspot, rather than my router and all is good!
Is there a guide to setting up a router that allows the RPI to communicate properly?

Try clicking on the word logs.