Fatal Error starting Octo print -

running octoprint on pi3
Has been working for the past year

Had power failure and now when the pi is powered on it reports
Fatal error starting Octoprint - could not initialize setting manager
folder -- /home/pi/.otoprint/Scripts does not appear to be writable
Fix permissions

Dont know how and what permissions to fix?

Any help - very much appreciated

I'm guessing that you didn't set this up on a Raspberry Pi with the OctoPi image. If so, then you'd have an ~/.octoprint folder that's used for OctoPrint's configuration files and a ~/scripts folder for various things like welcome, etc. I'm pretty sure it was expecting to see that first folder when it tries to bring itself up. (Or perhaps it was thinking that this would be ~/oprint/lib/python2.7/site_packages or similar where the virtual environment was expected to be.)

So basically, your setup isn't at all what we're used to seeing.


So basically, if this was running fine, you had a power outage and now it's not running fine then the usual problem is a trashed file system. Consider restoring from backup.

Assuming that you don't have that, consider optionally buying a Raspberry Pi 3B, installing from the OctoPi image and get things running again. It's up to you whether or not you want to re-use that microSD card but I'd invest another $8 in a replacement for that.

Thanks for the reply.
Your info pointed out why locations did not match.

I decided to download the new octoprint image burnt it with etcher and rebuild it from there. Makes sense to redo and bring everything up to the latest.

As you mentioned it was an old version not a complete os and octoprint image.
It is running on a Rasp Pi 3B and I also replaced the microsd card with a new 32 gig sandisk .
Over kill but had several spares.
Any recommendations for backup?
Thanks ....

Foosel's included a backup/restore functionality in the Settings area. But obviously, you need to back it up, download the backup and store that somewhere else if you intend to use it in the future.

But I just buy bulk microSD cards myself direct from Unirex. I then backup the entire microSD card using ApplePi-Baker and restore them using either that or BalenaEtcher.

Thanks for the info.