Favourite plugins command line bulk install

Hello all,

I have now worked quit a time with octopi and love it.
But it is always consumes a lot of time to install all of my favourit plugins again and again.

Does anybody has created a script or can show how I can install all my favourites, in the command line in one run. I never have learned or written shell scripts on linux, I know I should but it is on the list.

So would be wery thankfull if somebody could save me a lot of time, to once created a list , all of the plugins will install on the fly
Thanks you in advance

Hello @Doprintityourself!

Nice you like OctoPi - already tried OctoPrint? It's included :sunglasses:

Ok - if you seek for something that makes your reinstall more easy: OctoPrint provides a backup feature.

And yet, the backup feature backs up the information in the config.yaml but does not reinstall the plugins themselves.

One could though create a script which installs plugins in a batch mode. If I wanted one, I would install a particular plugin from the OctoPrint interface and then note the command line which OP runs behind-the-scenes. This then makes it into the magic script which can be run later.

  • activate the virtual environment
  • first pip install ... command
  • next ...

It does completely back up the plugins and reinstall them when you install on a fresh instance. It is even better in the next 1.4.1 release of OctoPrint because the restore option is a first step in the initial setup wizard.

Edit: with the caveat, it backs up any registered plugin in the official plugin repo.


OctoPrint uses pip for dependency management, and the pip command is included in the output when installing a plugin. On a new instance, after installing OctoPrint, you can use pip to install your plugins ahead of time. I do it like this:

/opt/octoprint-venv/bin/python \
    -m pip \
    --disable-pip-version-check \
    install \
    https://github.com/jneilliii/OctoPrint-PrusaSlicerThumbnails/archive/master.zip --no-cache-dir

(Note that I've got installed OctoPrint into a virtualenv, hence the venv-specific path). You can see which Python packages are installed:

/opt/octoprint-venv/bin/python -m pip freeze

In my case that shows PrusaSlicer-Thumbnails. Since OctoPrint doesn't use PyPi you'll have to do a little work to figure out the archive URLs, but it's totally doable.

Now I'm wondering why it did it all the time I setup a new OctoPi image and got back all the plugins while running Restore Backup file.

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As already pointed out by @jneilliii, that is not true. It will backup a list of all installed plugins and attempt to reinstall all of them back from the repository. Those which it cannot restore it'll inform the user about. Should usually be none. See also https://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/bundledplugins/backup.html:


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Thanks a lot I will have a deeper look as soon as 1.4.1 arrives finally
But as already mentioned it does not backup 3d party thanks to [jneilliii]

Besides that
I tested this
~/oprint/bin/pip install -U --no-cache-dir -r plugins.txt

first of my problem is that octopi*s pip seems not to be included in the path, so I always have to start cmd with the full path this is my lack of linux knowledge to know how to put ~/oprint/bin/pip in the path!?
can somebody help please ?


finally in spite of my lack of linux knowledge I got it running with a script:
~/oprint/bin/pip install -U --no-cache-dir -r plugins.txt

Where in the plugins.txt textfile I can add as much as I want:

#Action Commands Prompt
#Bed Level Visualizer
#Cancel Objects

Great thanks to all!

Again, that is not true. It will backup a complete list of all plugins and restore all it can, even third party, as long as those third party plugins are registered on the plugin repository. What it will not be able to do is restore plugins that were installed manually from unknown sources, which again, for most people are rare.

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Oh, wow. That's new (to me) then. Thanks for the correction.

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