Feature request - Allow user Gcode after a cancel

a. is this the correct place to request a feature in main core?
b. allow some user Gcodes after a cancel. eg. move the Z up to allow cleaning.


That was quick, thanks.

My Linux command line skills are essentially zero. I can't even find that scripts. I really think it would make OctoPrint more accessible if stuff like this were available thro a UI, but thats just me.

Could some kind soul hold my hand and walk me thro finding and editing the afterPrintCancelled script?

Why not just do it from the UI?

Settigngs->gcode scripts.

Then add to the ‘After print job is cancelled’

Or am I missing something ?

No Linux command line skills needed. You fill them in here:

Because I didn't know that option existed (not very bright but what can I tell you)

You are a hero, thanks a million. No more start print, wait 5 seconds, realize you've forgotten something, cancel then trudge to printer, auto home Z up 40.

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Could you please: PSA: Please mark the solutions to your topics as such

Would gladly flag as solved but I don't have the checkbox. Perhaps the mod could flag please.

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You should have a little flag in the icons

Link here

Sorry, you can't because you made the thread in General section, not in Get Help.
It's ok then.

Moved and solution marked :wink:

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