Feature Request for Octoprint

Im new here, so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask for this.

So i love octoprint. Let me just start out by saying that i love it. It runs great on my prusa mk3 and pi4/4gb and i use it and its helped me level my bed, monitor my prints, and get so much more function and joy out of 3d printing in general.

However, i have a small ask. Its an easy one too.

I never use octoprint to actually print my files. I have tried to load them up via the usb cable, upload, etc and print.

The problem i encounter is the name in the file list is so truncated, its hard to see what im actually printing.

I use the filenames on my files for things like print time ( prusaslicer always puts print times in the file names ) and i also add what type of filament that file is sliced for. An example would be:


The problem with this is that the file is so truncated all i see is like "This_cool.*" whatever it does to make it fit.

You could easily add a tooltip when you mouseover the filename to show the entire filename, or have it scroll the filename ( the mouseover tooltip would be great) or allow us to resize the window in which the filenames are shown and displayed.

I slice prints a lot of times for different filaments, pla+, PETG, and so on. I dont use octoprint to actually load and print the files because i cant see what im actually printing unless i do some sort of small filename, which really limits what the filename can be.

Also when i load a file through octoprint it geeks out my printer and shows things like weird temps ( i saw yesterday when i loaded a print it showed 5/452 for my printer hot end heating info, along with some other weird stuff ).

So, i just load the files the old fashioned way. Pop the sd card into my sdcard reader, transfer, pop them into the printer, select and print.

i use octoprint to monitor the print via the camera, and to get stats and stuff. However i love when you load the print via octoprint as it shows the layers and SO much more info that i love. But, like i said it kinda geeks out my printer so i just load the files the old fashioned way.

Id be more inclined to work through those issues that i have if i could see the entire filenames for the files im trying to load from my pc through the pi/octoprint but again, i cant see the entire filename.

Can the developers please make it so when i mouseover the file im looking at it will tooltip the entire filename? Or slowly scroll the filename in its entirety? Or better yet, let me resize the window so i can see the entire filenames and scroll through them? I hate seeing things like "This_Awe~1.stl" . That takes away all the info i put into the filename so when i go to print i can select the right file for the filament i have loaded.

Just a small ask and would take your more than capable devs about 10 minutes to fix.

Thanks for reading and again, sorry if this is the wrong arena in which to post a want for the next update. Just want to get my thoughts out there and hope for the best.

Love octoprint!



This might answer your question and explain why the filenames are displayed that way

Post above explains why filenames are short, and it's pretty much due to old firmware history etc. etc. outside OctoPrint's control.

Separately, have you tried printing over USB? As in, upload locally not to the printer. Then you can have the long file names, and more fancy features as OctoPrint knows exactly what the printer's doing.

So whilst I appreciate the idea, and it has been suggested before, the issue here is that OctoPrint doesn't actually know the long file name. People have tried, and in some firmwares you can request the long file name using a command, but for files 1 at a time. So not that useful really.