Feed rate modifier helps increase speed but resets after reboot

What is the problem?

Good afternoon, dear friends!
I've been using Octoprint for a very long time. But there are a couple of questions.
Thank you very much for your project!

I use the MKS SBAСE V 1.3 board ( Smoothieware firmware)
I manage using Octoprint!

I really like everything, but I recently decided to increase the size of the printer. And now there is not enough speed.
I compensate for this with a "Feed rate modifier %". I enter 2000. And the speed is enough for me.

  1. Please tell me if it’s possible to add something to the settings somewhere so that the data is not lost every time after switching off.
    Is it possible to save this value "Feed rate modifier %" in non-volatile memory or do I need to make some settings in the smoothie configuration file?

  2. Is it possible to disable unused functions from the control panel?
    For example, the "Flow rate modifier" window or axis movement arrows.

Thank you!

Normally, the feedrate modifier is a temporary adjustment to the print while it is ongoing. It's not normally saved by the printer, and will go back to 100% when the printer is rebooted.

The expectation would be to change the speed in your slicer before slicing the files, and by making it part of your profile in the slicer it would be saved.

Not out of the box with OctoPrint, and I don't think that any of the UI modifying plugins do this either.


Thanks for the answer!
Tell me please, what do you mean?
I've only been printing for literally a month. Sorry for the strange questions.

"The expectation would be to change the speed in your slicer before slicing the files, and by making it part of your profile in the slicer it would be saved."
Do you mean the parameter F (F100, F1000 etc) in the G-code?

G1 F1000 X100 Z5
G92 Y0 X0
G1 C0 Z2.5 F6000
G1 X200 F6000
Z5 C180 F6000
X0 Z7.5 C0
G1 X200 Z10 C180
X0 Z12.5 C0

Is there a short example of what changes in the G-code when adjusting the "Feed rate modifier %"?
Can I adjust the "Feed rate modifier %" in G-code without octoprint?

What slicer do you use?

In the gcode commands that move the nozzle and/or extrude filament there is a speed parameter (F). This allows for the speed to be changed quite often. See https://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/G000-G001.html

The slicer has settings that specify the speeds based on the type of output, i.e. outer wall, inner wall, infill, travel, top, bottom, etc. In Cura, there is also a setting that will adjust all of them together. These settings determine what values will be used for the F parameter on each gcode command.

Without changing the slicer settings, the overall speed can be changed by the firmware using M220 and/or M221 gcode commands.

While I believe that the right solution to your problem is to adjust speeds in your slicer, you can add M220 and/or M221 commands instead. These commands could be placed in OctoPrint GCODE scripts but again, not the recommended solution.

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Thank you very much for the recommendations!
I'll try for the sake of interest of the M220 and M221 commands.
It makes the job a lot easier.
Oh, you will be shocked, we use OctoPrint in a very interesting way. This is not a classic FDM printer.
We are trying to develop a special material for printing walls for houses.
To do this, I use Octoprint on a raspberry from a tablet to externally control the distance axes for a small stand.
And we use special and cheap material. The material hardens when exposed to special light.
We write the G-code manually because it is simple because we use few axes for printing.
That's it in a nutshell.

Have a great and productive day!

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@Charlie_Powell , @b-morgan Problem solved!
We will use the M220 command as a temporary solution!
Thank you all very much for your help.
Easy work and have a great day!

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