FIgured out how to reset Octoprint to it's fresh installed default state

Simply go into home directory, unhide items or whatever its called, stop octoprint, delete .octoprint folder, restart octoprint, and its just like a newly installed system.

Not sure if missing a step but I did get rid of all my pluggins first.

Restart OctoPrint in safe mode and it won't load any plugins...

I already removed all pluggins and it still doesn't look like the default, less even, is there really no way to reset it? Not sure what you're will accomplish, could you explain how your way will restore the default?

If you could share a screenshot of your situation, we maybe could see what's the issue.

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As I saw briefly from your screenshot, your OctoPrint installation seems to be messed up badly.
The only solution would be a new clean setup.

On the other hand, this is a forum of enthusiasts, not a service hotline. Answers can take a while. And sometimes there is no simple answer for a difficult issue.

And also I regret that you already give up.


I figured it out incase another person has this issue

Stop octoprint

delete .octoprint folder in home directory

restart octoprint

It dawned on me that's how to reset Cura so why not give it a go, I wasn't out anything if it didn't work.


Glad to hear you got a solution.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Thanks friend, I got carried away, and was almost too embarrassed to come back but I had to share the solution, anyhow, I hope this helps someone in the future.

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