Filament Manager Temperature

What is the problem?
Using Filament Manager - Offset temperature setting only adjusts nozzle temp

What did you already try to solve it?
Searched for a way to set an offset for the bed as well, but couldn't find.

Just started using Filament Manager, and aside from sometimes having to wait a bit for it to analyze the job before I print, I am really appreciating how it tracks my different spools of filament.

I got really excited about the offset temperature feature, because it means (or I think it means) that I can just slice everything with base temp values and then use the temperature offset to adjust the temps when I select the filament I am using through Filament Manager (right now, I am just using a Google Sheet that lists all my filaments and the nozzle and bed temps that work best with them.

When I set the offset temp for each filament spool, it only applies to the nozzle and not the bed. Does anyone know of a way to get it to set the offset for both? Alternatively, maybe the script could be modified?

All suggestions welcome. Thanks.