Filament Runout Sensor not Recognized on Long Prints

I am using a Raspberry Pi4, with Octopi installed. I have gotten everything running great and tested a couple different filament runout sensor plugins before settling on the most recommended "Reloaded" one. I am using GPIO24 for the signal, the 3V next to it for power, and the ground next to it for ground.

Everything works great on smaller prints. It pauses and resumes as expected when the filament runs out. (or is cut right before the switch). I have only tested with 30 min or so prints and 12+ hour prints.
The longer ones do not trigger the pause in the print when the filament runs out. But with the shorter prints, the filament runout switch signal does get noticed and pauses the print 100% every time.

I read somewhere that others have had issues with what seems like the Pi not watching the signal pin anymore after a certain amount of time or amount of lines of code.

Does anyone know about this issue, and what can be done to correct it?

Hello @Degenerate_3DPrinter!


Why have you deleted the template that was shown up when you opened this thread?
So lots of important and valuable informations that have been asked for are missing now...

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Sorry, I didn't have any other information to add.

I didn't think this forum was so particular. I thought it was meant to be helpful.

We cannot help you if we don't know what's happening. We don't know what's happening unless you share logs. The template is there precisely because the people here WANT to help you but require you to give them something to work with first.

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