Filament runout sensor


I just wanted to ask why it is recommended to directly connect the filament sensor to the Raspberry instead of the printers controller.I will be using a Smoothieboard with my setup but it will be a new install.I have Octoprint running fine for a few months on an off brand board now but I have to figure out this problem and how to reload Octoprint in order for it to work with the Smoothieboard.Any help or insight on how and why the filament sensorshould be connected to the Raspberry would be great.


If you use a filament sensor with smoothieboard you shouldn't need the OctoPrint plugin :slight_smile:


I have a Anet 3D Printer (Arduino based controller and Marlin FW) and running Octoprint on a little stick PC I had laying around.

I have an option to installed a firmware based run-out sensor directly on the 3D Printer. Will Octoprint recognize the filament out and pause?